We asked our team this month to share stories of women who inspire them. What we heard was just beautiful. See some of these stories below.

From Jenny Rogers:

My friend, Michelle Gauthier, continually inspires me! Professionally, Michelle left a successful but overwhelming career to forge her own path – bravely starting a life coaching business. While she may have been scared, she knew it was the right move and so she jumped. Leaning into her entrepreneurial spirit and her never wavering determination, she made it happen. Michelle has built an amazing business in which she coaches busy overachievers; helping her clients create a calmer, simpler, fulfilling life. Reading her client testimonials, you can see the impact she has had in the lives of so many women! Michelle does all of this with authenticity, humility, and grace – empowering other women as a result.

I’ve been blessed to have Michelle impact my life as a dear friend. She is a fantastic life coach, but she is also simply an exceptional human! She accepts you as you are, and encourages you to be your best, real self. She does not tolerate negative self-talk, and insists we all be kinder to ourselves. She seizes life, loves deeply, laughs heartily, and dances with reckless abandon. May we all be so lucky to have a Michelle in our lives!

From Marcy Whelan:

Anna Lehrke is an incredible human and testament to servant leadership.  She is intelligent, articulate, compassionate and driven by excellence in all things she does.  Anna has made multiple career moves very successfully throughout her career and inspired other women at each juncture.  She’s got a curiosity for life and never afraid to try something new. Anna believes strongly in serving and giving back to the community selflessly and without strings.   She is a true supporter of other women and building up the next generation of leaders.  Anna doesn’t shy away from a deep and at times uncomfortable conversation when the intent is to grow. 

Anna is a genuine friend and colleague.  Someone I truly admire.  She has been a sounding board for many things personal and professional over the years.  She helped me through the overwhelming amount of paperwork I had to sort through while in process to adopt our youngest son.  She has given me confidence to serve our community and a much larger scale that I had hoped. Inspired me to think more broadly about all thing’s life related.  She is a true example of a woman who empowers women! 

Thank you for being you, Anna!

From Julie Whitehead:

The women who inspire me are the ladies I have the pleasure of working with at ROI!  You won’t find ladies more dedicated to doing the right thing anywhere.  Marcy is so hardworking, and committed to ROI and the community always thinking about how we can collaborate and improve both within ROI and the St. Louis community.  Jenny is super funny, and has a unique ability to make everyone she speaks with feel at ease.  She is committed to making the world a better place and making sure that everyone has a voice.  Kristen is such a calm and organized force on our team.  You can always count on her to be level headed and thoughtful.  In addition to being amazing co-workers they are all amazing Moms as well.  I am truly fortunate to have all of them in my life. 

Seems like a simple assignment right?! Who are women that inspire you?! Reflect on this and then go tell them!