At ROI Search Partners, we prioritize unplugging and taking time off. Julie even has a countdown going at all times to her next vacation – not because she doesn’t love her work – but because it helps her do her best work when she returns! 

Vacation usage is trending down in many organizations but we know that recharging is vital. Here are some articles to help you better understand the problem and ways to encourage your team members to use their time off and model it for others!

“Giving your employees ample time to rest and recharge can help them and your company stay on track. However, workers need to see good “time off” practices modeled by their leaders if companies hope to encourage the use of PTO.”
14 Tips For Encouraging Employees To Take Time Off (

“Of course, time away from work is beneficial because employees are more productive and engaged when they come back. To help their workers take advantage of time off, business leaders need to encourage its use and demonstrate that it’s OK to take a break.”
The Elusive Vacation (

“To ensure employees are really taking a break from work obligations to recharge, some employers are instituting company-wide vacation times when all workers are off together.”
Employers turn to company-wide vacation to encourage worker well-being (

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