Helping to lift others who are facing challenges is part of our DNA, and a vital part of who we are individually and collectively. We have an inherent obligation to our fellow human beings and to our community.

We know our teammates, clients and community are hurting right now.  We feel your outrage and anxiety surrounding the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor.  And while we can’t take that grief away, what we can do as individuals, as a company and as a community is to do better.  We don’t have all of the answers but we can’t remain silent.  It is our duty to speak up and we hope to be able to help others on this journey to create lasting change.  We know this work may be very personal, and all of us will go about it in different ways.  Some of us want to talk about it, some of us want to learn more, and some of us want to get involved and give back.  As an organization, here is where we’re starting. We invite you to join us at any time.

  • As a team, we are reading, watching and listening. We’re having conversations across all spectrums.
  • We’ll be sharing resources that may be helpful for you in your progression to learn, engage and give back.
  • We are working to strengthen our knowledge of where and how we can connect with more diverse candidate pools, especially in the areas of HR, Accounting & Finance, Marketing and Quality/Logistics. While we have some established relationships already in place, we will be deepening and broadening our collaboration with these networks.
  • We are going to provide opportunities for HR leaders to come together to start dialogue around racial equity in our organizations and in our communities.
  • We are planning a team volunteer day to support Forward Through Ferguson.

These are just a few steps we are taking to increase the momentum for change with the goal to bring people and organizations along with us.  Take some time to learn more about what we stand for, what defines us and what drives our decisions. We look forward to continued sharing and serving.