In our blog, we hope to provide you with insights into HR and what makes our company the custom solution to your staffing needs. In this first post, Mark Grieman, CEO, describes what makes ROI Search Partners unique.

The experience of working with our team makes ROI Search Partners unique. We’re much more about the relationship over the long term than we are about any single transaction. Though individuals within companies often care about their mission, what makes us unique is that collectively, as a team, we share very similar life and work values, which creates a special dynamic. Just ask our clients. They have often remarked on what I know to be true: that I have been blessed to be surrounded by really talented people my entire career, teammates like Marcy Whelan, Jenny Rogers and Chalaine Klaus. Together, we’re more than the sum of our parts.

We recognize that when a client reaches out to us, they are putting their personal and company brand at risk, which they value every bit as much as we do ours. We have to take great care of the people who put their reputations on the line and constantly prove that we deserve their confidence and trust. This intentional mindset differentiates us from most other firms. We are passionate about introducing clients and candidates to one another so that both are thrilled, professionally and personally.