So let’s talk about best practices to avoid this from happening to you!

We came across this SHRM article that is older, and perhaps somewhat surprisingly, some of the lessons learned are still relevant!

5 Common Bad Hires and How to Prevent Them (

As we were thinking about the most common mistakes we have seen, this article also resonated with us.

How to Prevent a Bad Hire: 3 Tricks To Reduce Hiring Risk – Toggl Blog

We also want to add some advice of our own based upon some recent experiences in this hiring environment. Oddly enough, it all starts with Cs!


  • Change your recruiting parameters. This could mean being flexible on location, considering transferrable skills, etc. Be as open to transferable skills when hiring as you’d want an employer to be if you were interviewing. Common sense, intelligence, high quality of character and grit are the hallmarks of many successful people.


  • Engage better with candidates! You can do this through sourcing and talking about your role and culture instead of just relying on the active applicant pool.
  • Be an active listener in your conversations with candidates. What are they looking for to consider this career move? Make sure all conversations allow for both you and the candidate to gain a better understanding of each other, the role, the culture, etc.


  • Make sure your job posting is clear and compelling!
  • Partner with your Marketing team to highlight your employment brand differentiates.
  • Make sure your expectations align with your job description.
  • Make sure everyone involved with the hiring process is aligned too.


  • Ensure you have a thorough and proven interview, assessment and selection process and consistently use it. This is even as simple as asking all candidates the same questions.
  • Do your homework on candidates, and listen to your gut! Hiring is a combination of Art & Science.   


  • Understand what candidate characteristics are ideal to complement your company culture. Embrace differences in candidates that will strengthen your culture.
  • Include future coworkers in the hiring process! They can help give a more realistic job preview and culture reference.


  • Ensure your pay is competitive! There are so many sources online to do a quick check.