Favorite Family Vacation: 
My favorite family vacations are our trips to Panama City Beach.  My whole family loves the beach!  One of my favorite things to do while we are there is to hunt for crabs on the beach at night.  We usually travel with friends and we all head out to the beach at night armed with flashlights, shovels and buckets. It is so much fun to see everyone work together to find a hole and dig the crabs up followed by lots of laughing and squealing when one is found.  I treasure those memories and look forward to it each trip.  I hope my kids always remember those fun times, too.

My favorite thing about my career: My favorite thing about my career is searching for the perfect match for each of our client’s roles.  I love learning about our client’s needs and then conducting the research to find people who could be a great fit.  I love finding a candidate who isn’t looking for a new role, introducing a position that could improve their life, and making that connection.  It’s an amazing feeling to find exactly what our client is looking for, and to help a candidate take the next step in their career!

What makes me laugh the most?  I have a sign in my house that says “Life is better when you are laughing.”  I’ve been told that I laugh easily and that my laugh is a cackle.  I love funny movies, silly memes and I enjoy spending time laughing with my friends and family!

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Julie Whitehead
Talent Strategist at ROI Search Partners