Favorite Interview Question: How did you choose the career path you’re in, and what keeps you in that field?

I want to gauge the passion someone has for the work they do. The impact they are trying to make. Their motivation in their job, their company and for future employers. You can learn a lot about someone’s history and growth as they talk through how they reached the role they are in today and why they remain in that field.

Fun fact: In 2018, I participated in a program called Listen To Your Mother. (https://listenstl.com/) I have always enjoyed writing, and in my youth was a big fan of writing in diaries. Encouraged by my cousin, I wrote and submitted a piece I called “On being a mom versus being a mother.” It was an amazing experience that pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I met a strong group of women who shared stories of triumph, heartbreak, trials and tribulations, the funny, the real, the authentic pieces of being a woman.

Most memorable moment so far: When I joined ROI Search Partners, Mark shared that our work can change lives – the lives of our clients and our candidates. In all honesty, at that moment in time, I felt like that was a big statement about the work we do. I didn’t believe I could say that I was changing lives. Jump to 2016, and I’m having lunch with a candidate three months into his new position. He’s been a passive candidate, and through our conversations, I knew he was the right fit for our client, and that the organization would prove to be a great place for his talent.  

As we sat in the restaurant, he told me how thankful and grateful he was for this opportunity. He felt trapped in his prior position, and had taken the ‘heads down keep plugging away’ approach, hopeful for a positive ending. In his new position, he was happy, challenged and respected. He was continuing to expand his skillset, making more money, and the corporate culture was supportive. His wife immediately noticed a difference in him – saying he was now truly present at home with their family, and she felt like she had her husband back.

I was humbled by his words and appreciation. And I realized that statement Mark had made was not too big at all!  

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Jenny Rogers
Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant at ROI Search Partners