The holidays are a busy time for the ROI Search Partners Team and this year was no exception!

Just before announcing the winner of their pro-bono search for Marygrove, the team united to help the hungry at the Crisis Food Center in Alton, Illinois. The Center was introduced to Mark Grieman by Alton Fire Captain and EMT, Derrick D. Richardson, who serves on the Board of the Center, and who regularly donates his time to the non-profit. The ROI team joined forces with Capt. Richardson on November 20, sorting food stuffs collected via the “Scouting for Food” effort. In addition to sorting, the crew moved items into the pantry, checked expiration dates, and crossed out bar codes. The pantry, is set up like a store, provides nutritionally balanced food items for families and individuals, who are able to visit the store once a month, no questions asked, to pick up a five-day supply of food.

Not limited to Alton residents alone, the Center welcomes all as long as they are able to get to the pantry to pick up items. And, the Center is not limited to just food, as clothing items are also available for clients in the basement of the Center. With its bighearted open-door policy and support from donors and volunteers, the Center serves hundreds of thousands of families each year.