ROI Search Partners periodically hosts roundtable events, gathering thought leaders from the Human Resources and Business communities to share their expertise on a timely and relevant topic. The most recent forum, hosted by Chris Reed and Melanie Curtis of Laird Technologies, examined pre-hire assessments and how they’re utilized in the hiring process.

The group discussed a variety of assessment types they use for different employee populations; senior leaders, developing and emerging leaders, individual contributors and non-exempt associates. Learning agility, or a person’s ability and capacity to grow emerged as a theme.

Roundtable participants also discussed the importance of setting candidate expectations early in the hiring process, including how interviews will be handled and what the general timeline will be. “This was my first of these roundtable discussions, and I was so impressed with the professional group and how things just flowed so well,” said Julie Whitehead, ROI Talent Strategist. “There wasn’t a moment of silence, and I think they all would’ve been happy to continue the conversation.”