I’m a runner. Sort of. Most of the time I am a deep thinker and a problem solver, the running is what I just happen to be doing while I am thinking and solving. My running partner is Marcy Whelan, who I reconnected with years ago in a Target (of all places), and it was on one of our recent runs that I reflected on our connection and how it led me to where I am today.

During our runs we discuss a variety of things. We solve the world’s problems and share information about ourselves, our families and our work challenges. I’d always found Marcy’s job super interesting and the more we ran, the more I learned. The more I learned, the more I realized it was time for me to start on my own path as an executive recruiter. Marcy made the introduction to Mark and it’s been four years and counting! Needless to say, it was one of the best decisions I ever made and looking back, I am amazed at how a simple connection and some regular running could have such an unexpected impact on my life.

Marcy and I have added to our running group, and we have expanded our running routine. We run for charity, we run for networking. We run through color, we run to hot chocolate and away from zombies. Sometimes we run just to prove to ourselves we can do it. We’ve surprised ourselves with what we can accomplish – Spartan Race, I’m looking at you. But mostly, we run for the connection and for the opportunities that arise when we take the time to reflect on what we leave behind and give ourselves the freedom to see the unexplored paths before us.

-Jenny Rogers