You may recognize the benefits of strong relationships at work, and this has only increased with the introduction of remote and hybrid work. Building meaningful relationships takes intentional effort and it takes time!

There is no one size fits all approach to building meaningful relationships with your team members. But there are some strategies you might use to help identify the best way to connect with and show appreciation to each individual team member. With changing employee expectations and the increase in turnover in this environment, it’s important to make relationships a priority!

First, let’s start with some resources and reading to help build or maintain meaningful connections with your team members regardless of where you work:

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Now let’s look at understanding and unleashing the power of appreciation. Here are some resources and reading to learn employee’s “appreciation language” and how you can make this a habit:

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We know you are probably tired of hearing the words the “great resignation” by now. Another phrase we are hearing is the “great re-evaluation.” By making time for personal connection and showing meaningful appreciation, we can better understand employee needs and show our employees that we value them so that they don’t leave to get that somewhere else!

We are looking forward to partnering with you to tackle these challenges and achieve success in the new year!