The market for high-level talent is very competitive right now. Candidates are in the driver’s seat, so companies should make their best offer first instead of playing a negotiating game. That’s because most top candidates are reviewing multiple offers simultaneously. While companies are waiting for the “perfect” candidate, the seemingly less-than-perfect candidate has moved on. Companies that remain flexible and positive and who understand the tradeoffs regarding experience, potential and organizational fit, are making the hires. In addition, internal company processes that slow down the search are resulting in lost candidates. So even when a hiring manager has identified a “go” candidate, if there are too many layers, the hire still might fall through.

In St. Louis, we’ve bemoaned the loss of some larger companies over the past few years. But our start-up, small and mid-size markets are vibrant. The collaboration between our larger companies and the startup community is encouraging, and we’ve become recognized as a top city for tech. Remember, Express-Scripts and Centene grew up right before our eyes over the past 20-30 years. I’ve always been a believer that “your attitude determines your altitude”.
-Mark Grieman