The pandemic has provided an opportunity for many of us to reflect on what really matters and to count our blessings.  

If you know us, you know we are community focused. Helping to lift others who are facing challenges is part of our DNA, and a vital part of who we are individually and collectively. We believe we have a duty and responsibility to our community and are honored to serve. It’s a source of pride for our team members.

Last year we had the opportunity to work with some of our clients to identify a non-profit that was special to them and provide a donation in their name.  Here are those non-profits they chose.  We invite you to see if their mission is something you want to be a part of too!

St. Francis Community Services
The Kaufman Fund
Ronald McDonald House Charities – St. Louis
Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis, Inc.
St. Louis Area Foodbank
Frontline Foods