Finding a Great Nonprofit Job

If you’ve ever thought about joining a nonprofit organization, now might be the perfect time. St. Louis has an incredible non profit community and they all would love to have your help, talents and expertise. Passion in the non-profit’s mission and outcomes must be your personal driver. Typically, non-profit compensation trails for profit companies. So, a major trade off is often a higher personal reward vs. a lower comparative compensation if you’re making a move from the for profit sector.

You should look at it as a true career move – the opportunity to use your business acumen and skill set to further the greater good. It can be very rewarding and still pay a competitive wage.

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Expanding your network through volunteering

Whether you are unemployed and looking for a new role or currently employed, volunteering with a non profit organization can be a rewarding experience and lead to new relationships and opportunities that you otherwise would not encounter. You will have the opportunity to gain valuable leadership experiences that may not be available to you in your workplace that will serve you long into the future. If your experience is anything like ours, you will also build lasting relationships with the people that you meet along the way.

When you are thinking about where to get involved, it is important to choose an organization in which you are passionate about the cause or mission. This personal alignment coupled with your skills and expertise will lead to a much more engaging and productive experience.

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Just give back!

If you are not looking for a long term commitment but instead just an opportunity to give back, check out opportunities that are available in your area. There are some activities that are virtual and appropriate for the family too! Find local volunteer opportunities here.