Whether you are currently employed or looking for work, it is important to think about the experiences that you want to gain as you continue in your career.

There are many ways to gain experiences to prepare you for or even open the door to your next opportunity.  Here are just a few resources to check out to learn how networking and volunteering can benefit your career – and allow you to give back too!  

10 Reasons Why Networking Is Essential For Your Career
The Importance of Networking (and How to Do It Well)
Five Ways Volunteering Can Help Develop Your Career
Five-Step Plan to Gain Experience through Volunteering

Need some ideas on where to volunteer?

Last year we reached some of our clients to ask them which non-profits were special to them so that we could make a donation in their name.  Here are those non-profits they chose.  See if their mission is something you want to be a part of too!

St. Francis Community Services
The Kaufman Fund
Ronald McDonald House Charities – St. Louis
Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis, Inc.
St. Louis Area Foodbank
Frontline Foods