We are all familiar of situations where, on paper, a candidate had all the right qualifications for a position, but the candidate’s fit with the company and its culture wasn’t ideal. Or the candidate had the right qualifications, and once he or she learned more about the corporate culture and began to settle in, that candidate would become a great asset to the company. And finally, sometimes an employee just “gets” the culture from the start, needing little time to adjust to new policies and procedures.

In each case, it’s apparent culture is the glue that attracts and retains well-aligned employees for the long term. With aligned values, beliefs, behaviors and experiences, the result is increased cohesion, productivity and job satisfaction.

It’s incumbent on the company to clearly communicate its culture and branding, including core values, rites and rituals, norms, communication methods, and ways that employees can connect. Whatever the culture is, clearly articulating it during the interview stage can go a long way toward making sure the fit is right from the start.
– Marcy Whelan