You’ve most likely seen the most recent labor reports, and the talent shortage is likely a key concern for your organization again this year.
This shortage has meant changing the approach and behaviors of recruiters in organizations.  Recruiters are now expected to act as an advisor to hiring managers and business leaders, to act in a sourcing capacity to engage passive talent and to analyze talent data to drive decisions.  
We know these skills can’t be learned overnight. We also realize that in many organizations, recruiting is a function that is simply added on to another HR person’s duties.  The role as it is changing can’t be just “another” hat that someone is expected to wear if you want to succeed in this new environment.
Hiring strategies are also changing because finding top talent takes longer, is costlier and more difficult than it has ever been.  Screening practices have shifted with a focus on skills (hard & soft) and experience vs. degree requirements, which forces recruiters to be more of an advisor to the business as well.  
With a heightened focus on soft skills, what exactly are we looking for and how do we assess potential? Soft skills are often difficult to uncover in the recruiting process. What can prove even more difficult is taking the time to actually identify the soft skills needed for the particular role.
Here are two articles from HR Dive that we think will really resonate with you: 

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So with all that, the good news is that we’re here to help.  We have the recruitment “advisors” and the tools to plug into your current process wherever you need us, meeting you on your terms. Whether it be support in role definition and traits required to be successful in the role, sourcing passive talent, pre-hire assessment, interviewing or anything in between, we’re here to help.  Let’s connect to see how we can support your successes in 2020 with hiring, developing and retaining top talent!