On March 25, ROI Search Partners gathered in support of kids and families in the St. Louis community, as a sponsor of Youth In Need’s Celebration of Youth Gala.

Joining approximately 600 celebrants at the Ameristar Casino Resort Spa, members of ROI Search Partners enjoyed a dinner, auction and after party in support of the non-profit agency, that builds positive futures for the community’s most vulnerable children, teens and families.

ROI’s Mark Grieman and Marcy Whelan were especially moved by what the two recognized as the highlight of the evening, an emotional presentation by Jordan Eilerman entitled, “Immeasurable”. Jordan, a Youth Care Worker at one of the organization’s shelters for runaways and homeless youth, painted a portrait in words about making a difference and sharing ‘wins’ of the young people who her work touches. Success, Jordan shares, is when a child is able to bounce back after a setback or relapse, or seeing a smile from a child who up until that point had no real reason to smile. Success she said, is having a child tell her he or she wants to live again after feeling hopeless.

To view Jordan’s powerful message, we encourage you to please view the brief clip by clicking here. To learn more about how Youth In Need helps children and families in our community, or to make a donation of time or treasure, please visit www.youthinneed.org.