“Recruiting has changed from the days when big companies believed that “people need a job and we are the ones to provide it.” That world has completely shifted. In the world we live in Today, the candidate is more like a shopper, asking if they really want to work for the company, if they’ll be able to grow there as an individual, make a unique contribution to the world and make a living.” Mahe Bayireddi, CEO and co-founder of talent relationship management platform Phenom People.

At our roundtable this month, the topic was how HR and Marketing partner to share the employer brand. In the current talent environment, a strong employer brand can make all the difference in attracting even those passive candidates to your organization.

Spending time developing your employer value proposition and sharing it with prospective employees will improve the quality of candidates you bring in as they have a better idea of what’s being offered. It should also contribute financially due to increased engagement and reduced turnover since they knew what they were signing up for.

Keep in mind that what you are “selling” about your organization and any given position needs to match the actual employee experience or you’ll see job dissatisfaction and turnover.

Two primary factors are contributing to the “candidate era” that we are in today: 1.) the unemployment rate, and 2.) candidates have much more access to information about your company. Candidates have options!

Here are just a few suggestions and resources to make better matches:

1. Share who you are on your careers site, and better yet – let employees tell the story! Words used to describe your culture are much more powerful when you allow employee stories to bring these statements to life. This is a great way to engage candidates and build trust in who you say you are. These stories also help us here at ROI Search Partners to better understand who you are to connect with passive candidates who are aligned with your culture and values. Here are a few employee storytelling examples. Keep in mind, you don’t need to go get a fancy video production crew. Research shows that authentic, employee generated content has just as much if not greater reach!

2. Once you have shared your culture, then incorporate pre-assessments and/or job shadowing into the hiring experience. Both offerings allow the candidate and employer a more realistic preview into the skills and experiences on both sides to ensure that this is going to be a lasting and fulfilling relationship. Culture fit and job fit are terms that you are hearing often these days and it is not something that can be ignored! Here at ROI Search Partners, we utilize PXT Select, a powerful selection assessment that measures a candidate’s thinking style, behavioral traits and interests: three areas that impact an individual’s approach to situations in the workplace. The assessment results equip us with easy-to-understand information about the candidate, and help us target the right questions to strengthen the interview process. That’s the kind of information that puts the right candidate in the right job! Learn more about PXT Select here.

3. Pay attention to the perceptions that are out there about your company. Candidates aren’t just going to your careers site to learn about who you are. They are visiting sites like Glassdoor and Indeed, and reading reviews on who others say you are. Take time to regularly review these sites and ensure you have a strategy in place to engage with the comments. If you need to make a business case for why this matters, consider the impact of these experiences on consumer decisions. Here are some tips on how to improve your presence on Glassdoor.

Remember, it’s a two-way street! The war for talent is on and having a proactive strategy to share who you are and finding candidates that fit is the key to a winning hand. If we can help you with Pre-hire Assessments, Executive or Professional Search, outstanding Contractors or any other services to make better matches, contact us here: https://roisearchpartners.com/contact/

We look forward to hearing from you!