46 Lives Impacted by Hire

Since being founded in 2010 clients, our candidates and community continue to be at the forefront of everything that we do.  Our mission is to add positive value at every touchpoint to the lives of everyone with whom we interact; including clients, candidates, our communities, our families, and each other.

690 New Candidates Uncovered

Our talent strategist connects our team with candidates who are often not looking.  The emotional reaction from both the client and candidates in these situations is always a reminder of why we are here.

6 Opportunities to Connect and Business Leaders

We brought together over 150 leaders across the region to talk about the challenges that we faced around COVID, race relations, and attracting/retaining talent in our region.

17 Non Profits Supported Through Search, Volunteerism, or Financial Contributions

Helping to lift others who are facing challenges is part of our DNA, and a vital part of who we are individually and collectively. We have a duty and responsibility to our community and are honored to serve.  It’s a source of pride for our team members.

3 Simple Values That We Live Out Everyday

We do the right thing.  Always. We are servant leaders and partners.  We are community focused.

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