At ROI Search Partners, our goal is to provide you with employment representation that helps you achieve your career goals. When you win, we win! Our team is intimately involved in the recruiting process. From our initial meeting, to submitting your resume and arranging interviews with our clients to providing feedback and salary negotiation—all communication goes through our channels. We are there every step of the way! We deliver on our promises!

Our promise—what can you expect:

As a candidate you never pay a fee for our services and benefit from our vast network and expertise in matching the ideal position with your qualifications and goals. We will always talk to you through an extensive personal interview to get to know you, your goals and the unique skills you bring to the table. We believe in serving our candidates as trusted partners in their job search

Resume Review

Your resume is the first impression you make in a job search. We want this to be a good one. Our Resource Consultants will give your resume a professional review before submitting it to clients. When advisable, we provide valuable suggestions to assure your resume best reflects your skill-set and meets the client’s position requirements.


Our candidate’s confidentiality is of utmost importance. To protect your privacy we will NEVER send your resume to any client without your approval nor do we contact your present employers. Only after gaining your permission will we share our resume with our clients.

Interview Preparation

It is in everyone’s best interest for you to be well prepared for an interview. To assure you put your best foot forward, we provide interview coaching services. We ensure you have a complete understanding of the position that you have applied for as well as background information on our client companies. Your Resource Consultant will give you a comprehensive overview– highlighting the qualifications the employer is looking for and communicating your skills most effectively during your interview process. We are here to answer questions, offer suggestions and ease your way through the entire transaction.

Salary Negotiation

Based on years of success and experience, we handle this imperative step in the hiring process with integrity and respect for the expertise you bring to the new organization.